I´m a graphic designer and before that I was a musician playing my own compositions in a band that I led. And when I was a kid, I loved to draw, I used to copy every character, and illustrations of my children books.

During my time as a musician I enjoyed all the activities; to compose, to rehearsal, to manage the band, to play…  Oh my god, to play!

In the “to manage the band” aspect, we needed printed stuff, and graphics for the press kits, records, social media, etc. And there was when my eyes shine … So I started to learn to use design software and after a while I started to study graphic design and branding in an autodidactic way. Learning calligraphy came to the hand of making logos.

Today I’m a freelancer making and developing brands for entrepreneurs.

I consider myself a creative person. And I like to explore, learn and try new stuff…

You can hear some of my music here.

You can check out my graphic’s designer page here.

And check out others works here.