An “ex-libris” is an inscription (engrave, sticker, label, rubber stamp) used to show the name of the book owner, usually placed on the paste down of a book.

Exlibris is a latin phrase that means “among the books”.

The use of the ex libris was very popular at the end of the XIX century and in the beginning of the XX. In that period the first collectors appear, associations begin to emerge and congresses… and contests begin to take place!

Today the use of the exlibris is very unusual. Only a few people try to keep them in force. One of them is the master Ricardo Rousselot; he has make gorgeous exlibris start from caligraphy, and the best of all is that he offers a class in Doméstika to show you how he makes it. And of course… I took it!

So this post is to show you a few pictures of my process and the result. I hope you enjoyed watch them like I enjoyed making my own exlibris.

The first one is a pic of the exploration and sketches.


In this one you can see the final result in a rubber stamp. I have to say that I love to put it on paper!

And the last one is the starting of mark my books!

Don´t you want an exlibris!?