In this post I’m gonna talk about of the making of a mural in a wall of my home.

This idea began when I took a Domestika´s course, this course is from Panco Sassano and he talk about big format lettering. He teaches a technique that consist in made a sketch on paper, then digitalized it an put a grid over it. The next step is to draw that grid to a bigger scale on the wall to easily transfer the sketch and then painted it.

I watched the course and for practice… well, why don’t to soil a home’s wall?

So, I got a little inspiration to start…













I don’t know who is the author of this images, I just find them on the web and I liked them.

The second step was to choose a phrase or something to put on the wall… That was a team decision; to my wife and I liked the word “Hogar” (home).

Then I started an exploration, sketch some ideas until find some one that I like, and tried to polished it a bit. Finally got this:


I passed this sketch through the scaner and work it with Adobe Illustrator to vetorize it for adjust details. Once done that process, I printed it and work it again with the pencil to add ornaments, and here is the result, that went directly to the wall.


Once the sketch was done, was time to draw the grid; first on the paper later on the wall, only then was time to start painting!

A courious thing was that the final result was different to the sketch, but no by mistake, it was different in an “artistic way” beacuse I first made the word “Hogar” and when I was to start painting the ornaments, something made me change them and I started painting on the fly… just letting me feeling where the lines had to go…

Here a couple of photos from that moment.



Well, I enjoyed a lot this project. It began as a practice from the Panco’s course, and became a beautiful piece to my home!

So I appreciate to you for read until here and I want to share with you the final result.