I read the Austin Kleon´s book “Show your work“.

In México the name of the book is: “Aprende a promocionar tu trabajo“, and is distributed by Gustavo Gili‘s publishing house.

This book is like a 10 step guide to promote your own work (and get clients of course). Each step is divided in smaller steps, and all of them are just cool!

Its a great book, I like a lot and I started to follow its advices. Especially the one that talk about buy your own domain name…

This tip talks about that social media like facebook, twitter, my space, etc., could dissapear, in fact does. So if you buy a domain name and a hosting you can own a little field in the vast land of the internet and nobody could steal it out of you.

But the phrase that killed me was: Internet offers you the possibility to became the person that you really want to be.

So here I am.

Trying to find and discover whats next… what is beyond my present knowledge and thoughts