Insurance Agent Bussines Cards

Insurance Agent Identity

I recently made a visual identity project for an insurance agent. The typography used is of the sans serif type (without skids) to project a formal but modern…



In this post I’m gonna talk about of the making of a mural in a wall of my home. This idea began when I took a Domestika´s course,…

calligraphy video

Promotional Video

An appraisals company asked me for make a video to promote its services. They wanted me to writte a phrase with my calligraphy. So, it’s done. And everybody…

Writting a phrase

In this post I want to share a video where I am writting the “Frase Adolorida” (sore phrase) for my friend “El Chicles”. “El Chicles” is the announcer…

Calligraphy Book



An “ex-libris” is an inscription (engrave, sticker, label, rubber stamp) used to show the name of the book owner, usually placed on the paste down of a book….

HDR effect

A couple of days ago I went to a Tensegrity Class that imparted a friend of mine, and I took my camera with me… I enjoyed the class…


Why a blog?

I read the Austin Kleon´s book “Show your work“. In México the name of the book is: “Aprende a promocionar tu trabajo“, and is distributed by Gustavo Gili‘s…